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Q. Do you include bolts with your pulley kits?

A. We include mounting bolts for the crank pulley but not for the water pump pulley. It is difficult to tell what length is required on the water pump pulley because there are so many different lengths of fan spacers out there. We include the 3 bolts to hold the cap onto the alternator pulley, but not the center nut on the alternator. The center nuts usually come with the alternators and we are covering them up anyway so they don't need to look pretty.

Q. What belts do I use?

A. Our V-belt pulleys all use the 3/8" or 15/32" wide belts (except for Toyota Landcruiser Pulleys). The best way to get the right length is to cut your old belt or use a rope to measure the length with the bracket fully compressed. Most auto parts stores sell the belts in 1/2" increments.

Q. Should I order the Underdrive or High Flow Option?

A. Underdrive pulleys are designed to increase horsepower 5-10HP by slowing down the accessories. The High flow pulleys have will increase the water pump speed to make sure you have plenty of cooling water flow. We usually recommend the high flow pulleys on street driven applications prevent overheating and the underdrive pulleys on race only applications to increase horsepower. If you have a good cooling system then you can safely run underdrive pulleys on the street.

Q. Do you powder coat your pulleys?

A. We used to powder coat our pulleys and brackets but found that a lot of customers would scratch the surface finish during installation and then have no way to repair the surface finish. Now we offer them with a polished finish which allows you to easily remove minor scratches or anodize / powdercoat them yourself if you would like.

Q. What Ford Small Block pulleys should I order?

A. On the small block Fords, there are 3 key pieces on info to get the right parts every time:

1) Is your lower radiator hose going to be on the passenger side or driver side? This tells us if your water pump is 5.4" or 5.7" tall.
2) Do you have 3 or 4 bolt damper (or both)?
3) Is your damper factory or aftermarket? (Aftermarket 4 bolt dampers are shorter and usually require a spacer)

If your still confused on the small block Ford applications, just shoot us an e-mail with the info above and we'll be happy to help.
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