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Selecting the Right Serpentine Conversion Kit

Nearly every modern car uses a serpentine drive system so you have finally decided to make the upgrade. What should you look for in a conversion kit?

1) Flexibility - A lot of serpentine conversion kits only work with a certain water pump, alternator and power steering pump. In fact, many kits come complete with all of these items included so you end up throwing away your old accessories even if they are perfectly good. I guess that is ok if you are made of money, but for the rest of us, it makes a lot of sense to re-use your gently used components.

2) Clockwise vs. Counterclockwise Water Pumps - On some of the newer Ford and Chevy engines, there are water pumps out there that rotate in different directions. Most of our kits are designed for clockwise rotation water pumps which were common on the older engines that ran V-belts. Here again, the idea is to save you money. If you already have a good high performance clockwise water pump, why would you throw it away just to run a serpentine system?

3) Modularity - Can you add power steering or AC later on down the road if your plans and pocket book change? All of our kits are designed to allow you to add AC or power steering with as few parts as possible. For example, you can add AC to our popular Small Block Ford serpentine kit just by purchasing a compressor bracket and idler pulley. Now that's convenience!