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1-Wire Alternator Wiring Instructions Chrome vs. Billet Aluminum (or....Show vs. Go!) Pulley Removal Tips and Tricks
Racing Jokes Serpentine Conversions What are Underdrive Pulleys?
Why 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum?
  • 1-Wire Alternator Wiring Instructions

    1-Wire Alternator Installation Instructions

    Before any installation takes place, disconnect the NEGATIVE cable from the vehicle battery. Not doing so could short out electrical equipment during installation.

    Wire Sizing: Selecting the correct size wire is critical for proper operation. 1-Wire alternators are more sensitive to wire size than an externally regulated unit. If there is too much voltage drop from the alternator to the battery, it will give a false reading to the internal regulator and cause the alternator not to charge. In many cases, the OEM wiring will not be sufficient...

  • Chrome vs. Billet Aluminum (or....Show vs. Go!)

    Chrome Pulleys vs. Billet Aluminum Pulleys (or Show vs. Go)

    We get a lot of questions about whether to use chrome or billet aluminum pulleys and what the differences are. 

    Let's start with the long as you use 6061-T6 aluminum, both aluminum and steel are very durable and look great.  Both materials are corrosion resistant and are an easy bolt on upgrade.  But, you want to know about the differences right?...

  • Pulley Removal Tips and Tricks

    Pulley Removal Tips

    Obviously, a good penetrating oil and soaking go a long way (we recommend PB Blaster).  If you have tried that without any luck, here are some tips we have gathered from our customers.  If you have other ideas, let us know at
    Alternator Pulley:  This is a standard right handed thread on most American automobiles.  Use a box end wrench to hold the pulley nut and then us an Allen key on the alternator shaft.  This works best if you have an Allen key that fits on a socket...that way you can get more torque on the alternator shaft.  If this doesn’t work or if you strip the Allen key, another method is to wear a heavy leather glove and....
  • Racing Jokes

    You know you have too much horsepower when:
    1. The emissions test guy starts laughing as soon as you pull onto the
    2. You can't drive your car in the rain.
    3. Your 'significant other' is afraid to drive your car.
    4. You are afraid to drive your car.
    5. You spend more on tires than on food.....

  • Serpentine Conversions

    How to Select the Right Serpentine Conversion Kit

    Nearly every modern car uses a serpentine drive system so you have finally decided to make the upgrade. What should you look for in a conversion kit?

    1) Flexibility - A lot of serpentine conversion kits only work with a certain water pump, alternator and power steering pump. In fact, many kits come complete with all of these items included so you end up throwing away your old accessories even if they are perfectly good. I guess that is ok if you are made of money, but for the rest of us, it makes a lot of sense to re-use your gently used components.

    2) ...

  • What are Underdrive Pulleys?

    How Do Underdrive Pulleys Work?

    Do Underdrive Pulleys Save Horsepower? Underdrive pulleys save horsepower by reducing parasitic losses created by the water pump, alternator and power steering pump. By spinning these accessories more slowly, you have 10 - 20 more horsepower available to the wheels.

    Will Underdrive Pulleys Cause Overheating? Your water pump is designed to provide ample cooling on hot days during extended idle. OEM engineers also provide a safety factor to account for pump wear...

  • Why 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum?

    CVF Racing only uses 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum in our Pulleys and Brackets

    Think everyone uses 6061-T6 billet aluminum in their pulleys and brackets? Think again!
    Several manufactures of billet aluminum pulleys cut corners and use a lower strength aluminum or they conveniently forget the T6 temper. This makes a big difference! You definately want your billet pulleys made from 6061-T6 aluminum!
    Here is the skinny on the strength...