Adapter Kit for GM 1 Wire on Ford Engines

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  • Adapter Kit for GM 1 Wire on Ford Engines
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GM 1 Wire Adapter Kit for Use with CVF Racing Alternator Brackets

This Patent Pending kit allows you to use a 10SI or 12SI GM 1 Wire alternator on a Ford Small Block, 351C, FE engine or Big Block. This can saves as much as $35 - $50 by allowing you to use a lower cost GM alternator. There are 3 major differences between the GM and Ford Alternators and this kit solves all 3 issues:

1) GM Alternators have a 3/8" hole in the mounting ear but your Small Block Ford engine has 7/16" mounting holes. This kit saves you from having to drill out your new alternator mounting ear and eliminates the risk of getting metal shavings in your alternator housing.

2) The GM Alternators have a 2" long mounting "ear" while the Ford Alternators have a 3" Long "ear". This kit includes a longer spacer to make up for the difference in length.

3) The GM Alternators have a 5/16" mounting point on the bottom of the alternator while the Ford alternators have a 3/8" mounting hole.

302 Option: Use with 302-ALTBRKT-P, 302-ALTBRKT-D, 351W-ALTBRKT-P, 351W-ALTBRKT-D and SBF Serpentine Kits
351C Option: Use with 351C-ALTBRKT, 351C-ALTBRKT-CLEVOR and 351C Serpentine Kits
390 Option: Use with 390-ALTBRKT and FE Engine Serpentine Kits
460 Option: Use with 460-ALTBRKT-L, 460-ALTBRKT-C and 460 Serpentine Kits
460H Option Use with High Mount Bracket 406-ALTBRKT

289, 302 & 351W Engines

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