Trans-Am Tour Visits CVF

Trans-Am Tour Visits CVF


CVF Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird Visit

This week CVF played host to a factory tour for the participants on the Bandit Run. The thunderous low grumble of open exhaust and sweet perfume of 110 octane rolled in to the CVF Parking lot around 2PM on Tuesday, June 15th in the form of almost 50 various Trans Ams. Even if only for a little while, the parking lot looked like it had more vehicles than many of the car dealerships across the country.

Burt Reynolds The Legend Bandit Run Engine with CVF Serpentine Wraptor Kit

The Bandit Run is a reenactment by both automotive and movie enthusiasts that pays tribute to the original Smokey and the Bandit movie from 1977.  Started in 2007 with 30 cars, the original run followed the same route as depicted in the movie beginning in Texarkana and culminating in Atlanta with almost 100 cars in tow.

Now in its 15th year, the event continues to grow and is supported heavily by Gene Kennedy of Bandit Motors Cars and Dave Hall of Restore a Musclecar, both CVF customers. The route changes each year and for 2021 happened to be coming within a few miles of CVF so when Gene reached out to us we were more than happy to accommodate.


CVF Performance Products Facility Tour provided by CVF Sales & Technical Support Manager Trevor Hobson

Once parked and on site, participants were treated to a factory tour from CVF Sales Manager Trevor Hobson covering all the nuances of how the CVF products go from concept to reality, live viewing of turning centers making live production parts and how final parts are assembled, packaged and shipped. 

On a run of this size not too much time is wasted so after a few pleasantries, stories, questions and direction advice...the processional was east bound and down to continue the rest of their run.

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