Chevy Small Block Harmonic Balancer - Internal Balance

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SBC Harmonic Balancer for Internally Balanced Engines

Chevy Small Block Engines 283, 302, 327, 305, 350 and 400, Internal Balance

Professional Products PowerForce harmonic dampers are not only affordable, but they are also extremely durable. These dampers feature a bonding process which adheres the elastomer to the i.d. of the inertia ring and the o.d. of the hub, utilizing a strong adhesive along with an improved elastomer to create a much stronger bond. These high-quality PowerForce dampers also feature clear, white, easy-to-read timing marks against a painted black background. In addition, Professional Products engraves a mark every 90 degrees, which is also painted white (90 degrees marks are not on small block Ford dampers). These dampers are accurately balanced and closely machined for the correct fit.

  • Engine Balance: Internal
  • Safety Rating: Non SFI-approved
  • Degree Marking Range: 60 BTDC to 0 TDC
  • Outside Diameter 6.75"
  • Finish: Black Painted
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