Mopar Big Block Air Conditioning Bracket (383, 400, 426 & 440)

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  • Mopar Big Block Air Conditioning Bracket
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Mopar Big Block 440 Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket (383 400 426 440)

Mopar 440 A/C bracket for V-belt applications.  Add A/C to your "B", "RB" or Hemi engine without having to buy a 3 groove crank pulley or expensive serpentine system.  Designed for use with Chrysler or CVF Racing 2 groove crank pulley (BCRL2CR-HF) and 1 groove AC pulley water pump pulley (BCRL1WP-A).   If you already have power steering you can add A/C just by buying this bracket and a shorter water pump pulley under part number BCRL1WP-A.

Mounts Sanden 508 style compressor on driver's side up by water neck.  Compatible with Shaker Hoods and Vintage Air AC Systems.  Compatible with CVF Racing Alternator and Power Steering Brackets.

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