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Stainless Steel Adjusting Rods

Are you looking to make a custom alternator or power steering bracket? We sell our stainless steel adjusting rods so that you can make your own brackets. These turnbuckles have approximately 1" of travel on both ends giving you nearly 2" of total travel. Rod ends are made from Chrome-Molly steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

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Stainless Adjusting Rod 10" Inch Adjusting Rod


List Price $56.25
Our Price: 45.00
Save $11.25!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 9.25" Inch Adjusting Rod


List Price $52.50
Our Price: 42.00
Save $10.50!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 7.25" Inch Adjusting Rod


List Price $47.50
Our Price: 38.00
Save $9.50!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 6.75" Adjusting Rod


List Price $45.00
Our Price: 36.00
Save $9.00!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 6.1" Adjusting Rod


List Price $42.50
Our Price: 34.00
Save $8.50!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 5.25" Adjusting Rod


List Price $41.25
Our Price: 33.00
Save $8.25!
Stainless Adjusting Rod 4.25" Adjusting Rod


List Price $40.00
Our Price: 32.00
Save $8.00!
Pontiac Alternator Relocation Bracket Pontiac Alternator Relocation Bracket


List Price $27.50
Our Price: 22.00
Save $5.50!
Ford Alternator Relocation Bracket Ford Alternator Relocation Bracket


List Price $20.00
Our Price: 16.00
Save $4.00!