Harmonic Balancers

Professional Products Balancers for Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Pontiac & AMC Jeep.

Don't take chances with a 50+ year old balancer! Most factory vibration dampers are two pieces of steel held together with rubber. That rubber degrades over time with exposure to heat & chemicals. If you re-use an old balancer, the timing ring can slip giving you inaccurate timing results or worse, the balancer can fly apart on you.

CVF's line of Professional Products PowerForce harmonic dampers are not only incredibly affordable, they're also extremely durable. They are constructed of 1045 steel for increased durability and consistency at higher RPMs. All dampers feature a bonding process which adheres the elastomer to the I.D. of the inertia ring and the O.D. of the hub. The dampers all feature laser etched timing marks against a painted black background. In addition, each balancer is engraved with a mark every 90°.