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Big Block Ford Pulley Selection Guide

Ford Big Block Pulleys

The Ford Big Block engine was used by Ford between 1968 and 1997. The Big Block Ford 429 (7.0L) and 460 (7.5L) engines were also called the Ford MEL engine or the 385 series engines. 
Water Pumps 
Ford Big Block engines have 2 basic water pumps that are interchangeable except for the length. 1968-1969 Ford Big Block water pumps are 5.06. In 1970, Ford changed to a taller, water pump that is 5.5 tall. CVF Racing pulleys are designed to be used with the newer 5.5 tall water pump. If you have an older pump, you will need to change to the taller pump most aftermarket pumps are made to the taller dimension.
The bolt pattern for the water pump pulley is 4 bolts (5/16-24 UNF thread) on a 1.75 Diameter bolt circle. Many aftermarket 429 / 460 water pumps have a pilot diameter for the water pump pulley while some of the OEM pumps come with a 5/8 diameter pilot. Our Big Block Ford water pump pulleys come with a special bushing that allows our pulleys to accommodate either pilot diameter.  
BBF Water Pump Casting #'s
C9VZ-8501-A:  1968-69
D1VY-8501-B:  1970-72
D2VY-8501-A:  1972-74
D4VY-8501-A:  1974+
429 - 460 Harmonic Balancers Dampers
Ford Big block engines were came with either internal and external balancing. The early engines (up to 1979) were internally balanced and used a simple round spacer between the damper and crankshaft.  Later model engines (1979 +) were externally balanced using a hatchet style counterweight / spacer like the one shown to the right. You may need to machine the spacer length to get the correct damper offset please consult with your engine builder or crankshaft manufacturer to make sure you have the correct length spacer installed.
Damper Bolt Pattern: 4 Bolts on a 3.3 Diameter with 2.2 pilot diameter