3 Product Updates To Rev Up Your Summer

No car shows. Very little racing. Two of our favorite things to do during the summer have been all but cancelled for 2020; however, it's given us more time here at CVF in the shop to develop and fine-tune products for your car. Check out some of our top projects we have been working on that are available today - and be sure to Follow us on Facebook for all of our product releases and updates.

Chevrolet LSX Wraptor Serpentine Kit with Blower Style

LSX Wraptor Kit with The Blower Shop Roots Style Blower

Add a supercharged Wraptor or upgrade your current Wraptor system to the new Supercharged LSX with a TBS blower system! Don’t just take it from us, see what the supercharger experts at The Blower Shop have to say: “Horsepower is still the name of the game, and when it comes to all-out raw power, blowers are still the best way to get the most cost-effective, pulse-pounding gains. And when you are looking to supercharge your power plant, there’s no better place to obtain that extra, added big boost than at THE BLOWER SHOP.”

CVF's Award Winning Hood Hinges

The CVF Hood Hinge Line Continues to Grow

The word is out. CVF Hood Hinges are the most versatile and affordable on the market. Check out our newest offerings available in our four signature finishes.

All New Chevy LS and LSX Beast Serpentine Kit Brackets

The Beast Comes to the Chevy L Series

Who said upgrading your engine needs to be a big investment? CVF Racing Beast Kits allow for quick and easy modular upgrades. Just want to add some shine to your AC compressor? No problem. Want to replace the dull and worn power steering/alternator bracket for less than $150? We’ve got you covered. Check out our quickly expanding line of LSX brackets.

Aug 17th 2020 CVF News

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