Ford Small Block Alternator Bracket - 289, 302 (1969+)

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  • Ford Small Block Alternator Bracket
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302 Ford Small Block Alternator Bracket

Drivers Side Lower Radiator Hose

Mid mount Ford alternator bracket for V-belt or Serpentine applications. Designed for use with OEM or CVF Racing pulleys. Fits Ford small block 302 and 289 engines from 1969+. Mounts alternator on passenger side.

Note: Ford had two mounting locations for their alternator brackets depending on which accessories were installed on the vehicle. This bracket mounts the alternator in the "Power Steering" or "A/C" location. This location is closer to the engine than the "Alternator Only" location. If you are running alternator only, please contact us about proper pulley selection.

For 289 & 302 Engines:
  • 1969 1/2+ Ford passenger cars
  • 1977+ Ford trucks
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